American Freedom Essay Example P.1

September 11, 2001 was indeed, quite a tragedy.  It was also the first time that an attack of that magnitude had been made on civilian U.S. soil.  America’s reaction was many things, including panic, fear, and anger.  While there were many reasons that Americans felt these emotions, freedom was the biggest one.  Freedom, for the first time in several generations, was threatened in America.  America, since before its inception in 1776, has always relied, relished, and defended its freedom.  In the 200-plus years of this country’s existence, America has had many revolutions and movements.  Whether the motivations were economical, political, or cultural; freedom has been the primary driving force, whether healthy or detrimental, to American radicalism.

Freedom has many connotations to Americans.  One idea that Americans have constantly tried to achieve is an idea of economic freedom; every American should have a fair and equal opportunity to make an income for them that affords them to live a life that they can live comfortably.  For well over a century, American industry has been engrossed in a labor movement.  The results of these labor movements are still manifesting themselves today; so one cannot say with absolute certainty if a better route could have been taking to achieve a well-compensated labor force in America.  One thing is for certain, though; the labor movement has



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