Bad Essay Writing Companies To Look Out For

When it comes to finding companies who can help manage your homework and do the work that you don’t have time to do, it can be a challenge to find the right one for you. Many of these companies make big claims, but can’t back them up. The main concern for many customers is whether or not their essay is going to be an original work. Many less reputable companies simply copy and paste information from the web without putting any real work into the essay. On top of this making the essay appear messy and poorly written, the consequences for academic plagiarism can be very harsh. Another concern that interested customers should have is where the business is based, and who is writing their papers. Many companies use foreign writers who because of the difference in language may not be able to do as good a job with your essay as you expect. There are also companies whose writers are not up to par, and it important to find a company that uses high quality writers with college education in order to ensure your paper is of the finest quality, so that you do not end up overpaying for a weak paper that will not get you a grade, and may even get you into trouble for plagiarism.

Bad Companies

            Some of the companies you should look out for are,,, and These businesses are based in India. The problem with this is that there is no way to be sure of the quality of the paper you are going to get. Your writer may not have a mastery of the English language, or knowledge of the topic at hand. There is no way to know if the company is checking its sources or making sure that their essays are free from plagiarism. As you are probably aware of, the penalties for plagiarism in today’s colleges and high schools are very steep. They can include suspension, even expulsion from the course, and you can almost be sure that if you are caught plagiarizing you will receive no credit for your work. On top of this, even if the paper is free of plagiarism, if the quality is lacking, then you will still have to deal with a bad grade. This can be just as stressful as having to do the work yourself, and a good essay writing company knows that a customer’s satisfaction and happiness is a top priority, and to achieve that the papers must be of excellent quality and free from plagiarism.

            The makings of a good company like or are that they always make sure that their papers are one hundred percent original. Reliable, reputable companies like these only write papers that are absolutely free from plagiarism. The papers themselves are run through plagiarism checkers like to ensure their originality. On top of this, the writers are always knowledgeable in their topics and have the college education necessary to do the research to make sure your paper is not only original and free from plagiarism, but of the highest writing quality.