Believe what you are writing about


Writing essays is a work of art, which is written in a particular format so that people get engrossed in it because of the interactive thoughts of the writer and the presentable form.  Until and unless, an essay is not in its presentable form, the readers will not find it fascinating.  Therefore, it is very important for the writer to keep some important guidelines in mind while writing an essay.


When we talk of writing skills, essay writing carries a great importance.  In actual words, essay is a small composition of a topic where a person expresses his feelings and presents his own point of view.  When we write an essay we include all factual aspects of the topic and merge the collections of ideas in that editorial.  One truth about essays is that when a reader reads the essay he should be able to follow the writer’s thoughts.  If the reader cannot occupy himself and is not able to catch the viewpoint of the writer, it means the essay is not written in an effective manner.

Guidelines on Essays

An essay should be written according to the different sections so that the reader finds it easy to read.  An essay usually has three sections namely introduction, body and conclusion.  While writing an essay, it is very important for a writer to understand the scope of the subject to put forward the idea in a much better way.  This will also facilitate him to systematize his thinking and make his viewpoint stronger.  Here are some guidelines that can help a writer to write the essay in an effective manner.

  • Whenever a writer decides to write, he must choose his topic very carefully.  If he opts for a topic that he is not able to understand, he might not be able to make the idea clear to the reader as well.
  • Once you have decided the topic, the next step is to search for the details of the topics.  Every aspect from why to when should be configured appropriately.  After that, a proper sketch out should be made to craft the essay in a proper format.
  • After outlining the points, you should make an attractive beginning for your essay, so that the reader should find it interesting.  The beginning should be so effective that the reader should feel anxious to know more about the topic.  Then the other two sections namely, body and conclusion should include descriptive information.  In addition to this, the writer should try to use a language that the reader can understand easily, rather of using heavy words.  

How to write a comparative essay?

A comparative essay is an essay where a writer can compare two matters in order to give an idea about the difference between them.  These matters can relate anything ranging from people to their ideas.  For writing a comparative essay, the writer must have a complete knowledge about both the aspects that are to be involved in the essay.  While discussing about these matters, the writers can include both the similarities as well as the differences.  While discussing the dissimilarities, the writer should be able to make the idea clear to the reader so that reader can also distinguish the comparison, correctly.  A good research can also facilitate a user to craft an effective essay. 

So, keep all these important guidelines in mind and believe what you are writing about to make a strong influence on the reader.