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Comparative essays consist of writing an essay to compare two or more things, which can include hundreds of different topics. In general, you must ask to compare and then discuss or compare the topics you have given or you have chosen by using some specific writing rules, which every comparative essay must contain.

One of the keys to really knowing how to write a comparative essay is to be clear when expressing the main ideas. Answering a group of questions related to your topic may be of great help to conduct you clearly along your essay development. In fact, there is no unique formula to become the best essay writer. On the other hand, there are some tips, which can be very useful to achieve this goal.

Firstly, you must understand the both things you will compare, so you will need to research about them and get enough information to know several details on them. Then, get ready to write the introduction. The introduction and conclusion can be the most important parts of your essay. In your introduction, you will start the discussion and in the conclusion, you will close it by repeating the main ideas.

You can tackle the comparison of your topics in different ways. For instance, you can alternate between the two topics subjects, paragraph by paragraph. This means that the first paragraph of the main body starts with one side of your paper and the second paragraph starts with the other side and so on. You can repeat this procedure right until you get your conclusión. This method can be easier in order not to get confused. Some writers prefer discussing both subjects in each paragraph but they must pay attention to keep a clear thought line inorder not to confuse their readers.

One key to remember is that you must clarify the main points for your readers. First, examine them as separate things and them compare them. You must also have a good topic sentence, which will be present in each paragraph without repeating yourself. Additionally, do not lose the focus on your main topics. One of the most common faults is that students prepare unbalanced comparisons, so the focus is usually on only one topic. In addition, when you write your conclusion do not repeat the same sentences or words that you have already used in the main body of your paper. Of course, the conclusion is a sort of summary but it must comprise the main ideas by using empathic sentences in a new way.

Essay writing is a very interesting task because it makes you research and study a wide range of topics. Remember that comparative essays are based on similarities and differences; therefore you must be aware of many details on you topics. Organize the information you have obtained and focus on the most important items. If necessary, you will be able to add more details later.

Becoming an essay writer is an incredible task that you will enjoy if you cope with some basic factors and you use them properly. Enjoy this opportunity to become an essay writer.