How to write an essay in Chicago Format

Harvard format is very similar to Vancouver format. It is also used primarily in the medical field. This style is sometimes called the author-date format, because citations appearing in the text include the author’s last name and the year that the publication was printed. Obviously, the citations must appear in parentheses, and use no superscripts (Annas 1993). If there is more than one article cited by the author in the same year, then a letter is placed after the date (Annas 1993b).
           The bibliography for Harvard format will be in alphabetical order by author. If there is more than one article by the author, those articles will appear listed earliest to most recent.

Annas, G.J. (1997a), 'New drugs for acute respiratory distress syndrome', New England Journal of Medicine, vol. 337, no. 6, pp. 435-439.

Harvard style allows for no abbreviations in the citations. The format is the same as in the example: ‘author, ‘Title- first word capitalized’, Journal Name, vol. xxx, no. x, pp. xxx-xxx.’

            It is uncommon for young students to use Vancouver style and Harvard format. These styles are used mostly in the medical field. If you, as an undergrad, are using either of these styles, double check to make sure you should be using them. If you are, and you need more examples, try to find a medical journal for examples of further citations, or do a web search on the style you wish to use.