College Level Essay Writing Tips

Knowing how to write an essay is not a given, but it is easy to learn.  If you want to learn how to write an essay that is at the college level, you need to follow some simple guidelines.  When you write essay, the first thing you should do is narrow the focus of the paper.  The more specific the paper the easier it is to support your argument.  When the essay’s draft is finished, make sure to go back and correct it.  A great college essay has three essentials: a great thesis, supporting points, and good proofreading.

Perhaps the most important part when you write essay is the thesis sentence.  A thesis sentence is a sentence that describes what you are going to say for the rest of the paper.  It dictates what direction you will be going in your essay and also helps you to pick the topics you want to explore.  The narrower you can get your thesis the better; if your thesis is specific enough it will lend you topic ideas.

After you have settled on a thesis sentence, find good supporting points to make your argument.  Each main point you make should have its own paragraph.  Use concise language that states your point; avoid using silly or predictable language. Make sure to describe your points and ideas vividly, giving the reader a crystal clear concept of what you are trying to say when you write essay.

After you finished writing your essay, go back over your draft and proofread it.  There could be errors like typos, spelling, and grammar mistakes or there might be places your wording can be improved.  Any type of error signals bad writing, but not omitting those mistakes can also look lazy, a big no-no for college level essays.  Be careful and avoid another mistake: do not count on your computer’s spell check to find spelling errors.  Many errors will get by the computers spelling and grammar checks, so read carefully and look over your essay thoroughly. Also make sure the format your essay is suppose to be is correct.

Following these steps will take you a long way in learning how to write an essay.  The most important thing to remember is that you need to write an excellent and precise thesis statement.  It cannot be stressed enough how much easier it is to write essay when you have a good thesis sentence.  After the thesis sentence choose your supporting points carefully.  The best thing to do is pick clear and concise topics so you can make your argument understood by your reader.  It is far better to write specifically and avoid using extra words when they are not needed.  You do not want to put extra words in your essay to achieve a word count.  Your essay will end up reading like fluff and you will fail to get your point across.  To finish up write essay, proofread your paper to ensure that there are no mistakes that will make you look lazy and a bad writer.