Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive essay topics are not an easy essay to write, but yet it can be simplified. Often the hardest part about finding descriptive essay topics is coming up with a name for the topic. Once the topic is chosen, all that needs to be done is a description. This means thinking about what the thing looks like, acts like, and what feelings, sounds, and sights are associated with the object. Once a descriptive essay topic havebeen decided upon, writing the actual essay can be a breeze. Of course, if you are struggling with this essay, there are plenty of companies who are able to provide you with the help that you desire.

                Since getting startedon a topic can often be the most difficult part of the descriptive essay writing process, here are some ideas for descriptive essay topics that can be used to write the descriptive essay:

  1. Best Childhood Vacation
  2. Best Childhood Friend
  3. Favorite Relative
  4. Pet
  5. Favorite Toy
  6. Tragedy

Once the topic has been decided upon, it is important to brainstorm. Consider all aspects of the object. If, for example, the topic is best childhood friend, consider how the friend looked, spoke, sounded. Also think about things you did together, and how that can translate into essay form. Consider feelings, and use those to paint a comprehensive portrait of that person. For example, rather than saying something like “I fell down and scraped my knee,” say something like “The wet pavement broke my fall, and though my knee ached I was too fascinated by the forming red stain to cry out.” The more description in this type of essay, the better. That is why they are known as descriptive essays topics. Of course, topics can be about anything, as long as the topic is well described. Detail is key for this type of essay, which is why picking simple descriptive essay topics is usually the best idea.