What Is A Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is an essay that uses a lot of detail and contains a description of something, though that can cover a vast number of topics. Now, the most important thing to remember about this specific type of essay is that it is not about facts, and conveying information, but about  telling a story and using description and flowing language in order to make the meaning clear. This is a personal form of essay writing, and although the rules of essay writing still apply, it is not about research and technique, but rather about ability to use other literary devices, like imagery.

                A descriptive essay can be the most fun type of essay to write, for a certain kind of person. This essay is solely about description, so that means it is personal. There is usually very little preliminary research that goes into this essay,  but rather brainstorming and picking out a specific event from one's life. A descriptive essay is a personal story, generally told in a essay format. However, unlike a narrative essay, this essay relies more on feeling than it does recounting specific events. For example, it will use imagery and specific detail about smell, sound, and feeling rather than just tell about a personal event.

                It is important that a descriptive essay follow an essay format. However, past that, the essay is encouraged to be creative and tell a story using insight and feeling. Sometimes a descriptive essay is not a personal story, but a description of an object, or a beloved family member. A descriptive essay does just what it sounds like: describes something. This can be deeply personal, like an essay about a close relative, or not personal at all, like a description of a favorite toy. There are many options for this type of essay.