Putting a certain, number of words on paper and calling it an essay is one thing.  Knowing how to write a comparative essay requires a completely different attitude towards writing.  The approach to writing a comparative essay should be very comprehensive and should reflect both sides of a discussable topic.

As with all essay writing it is important to have adequate knowledge of grammar rules, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation.  The main difference between a regular essay and a comparative essay is that you have to be able to present two sides of a story.  Your opinion can be represented, of course, but you also need to reflect the idea of the opposite party.

We all have our personal beliefs and ideas.  To write a good comparative essay it is important to set aside the beliefs and ideas you already have.  You have to do research in the essence of the matter and present all pros and cons that you come across.  The facts need to be stated fairly and the things you claim to be true have to be accurate.

Usually a comparative essay requires in depth research.  Hearsay is not a good base for a solid discussion and is therefore not adequate for the foundation of a comparative essay either.  While some personal testimonies of individuals can be included, it is also important to do research.  Your essay will be better if you are able to do that research from a neutral point of view.

The main idea of a comparative essay is a question.  Although every question can result in more than one position in regards to the matter, only one answer can be the right one.  The answer that you present in your essay as being the only right one should be self-explanatory after reading your comparative essay.  You have to come to a conclusion/answer that is identifiable to the reader no matter what side of the aisle that reader was on before he started to read your essay.  Confusing and dubious information needs to be avoided completely.  Confusion and dubious information brings down the value of your argument that you are trying to win and thus diminishes the value of your essay.  Your essay is a lost cause if you let it be prone to confusion and dubious information.

We all have our opinion on everything in life.  Everything we hear is followed by our spontaneous reaction and opinion.  Most people do not go in depth on everything they hear.  Essay writers have to go in depth on the topics they have to write about. The research they do has more than once resulted in a change of mind.  The writer of a comparative essay often starts with one idea but is then made aware by his research that the other side of the story is true.

An awesome essay is the result of good research, openness to facts, and a good writing style.  An awesome comparative essay is one where no major facts are left out.  Write an awesome essay today!  The response will be awesome!