Essay writing basics that you should never forget

Good essays require good grasp of vocabulary. Essay writing requires understanding of theme, for good understanding one should develop a keen observation. Writing is a continuous process of improvement and change. Essay writing is an art; you will come up with great ideas if you be yourself.

Don’t be afraid of criticism, just start writing and at the same time keep working on the improvement of content. Every essay requires some considerations which should be kept in mind while writing. Analysis of theme, usage of strong framework to bind the various components of writing, the content and its structure, language, spontaneity, originality and personal style are important attributes of a good essay.

There are two important aspects of essay writing:

  • How to write an essay?
  • Important qualities of a good essay.

How to write an essay

  1. Understand the purpose of the theme- what is the nature of the theme? What will be the nature of your essay- formal (academic), informal, scientific, business related, technical etc?
  2. Develop a personal style, be free and flexible in writing – writing style depends upon the choice of words, examples, phrases, facts that you use to build your essay structure.
  3.  Prepare yourself mentally and note down all points your essay would cover. Ensure that all points are relevant to the topic, write down all points in sequence as it helps in building a strong content structure.
  4. Write down a thesis statement – It’s a one or two line statement that gives an idea of what your essay is going to be all about. It should give a clear picture to the reader about the topic, your views and reasoning.
  5. Prepare a mental frame work of thoughts and draft a proper outline. List down all the propositions and necessary evidences or examples to support each one of them.
  6. Follow outline – be free and be original.
  7. Read yourself and find faults and weak points. Ask yourself – Is my content relevant to the theme? Does the content explain the theme convincingly? Have I given enough evidence to support my views? Check for grammar, spellings and punctuation. Check for typos and avoid using abbreviations, such as, ex for example or amt for amount.

Important qualities of good essay
Let us now have a look at some of the most important qualities of a good essay. A good essay should display:

  1. Clear and effective communication of thoughts.
  2. Clear expression of idea, views and facts.
  3. Impressive content that is structured in sequence and continuity.
  4. Unique and original piece of writing.
  5. Simple and interesting language.
  6. No grammatical mistakes.
  7. Correct usage of words.

   While writing an essay one must aspire to grab reader’s attention. It should have all the necessary information relevant to the theme and at the same time it should be presentable, attractive and original. Overall consistency is also important when trying to figure out how to wrie an essay. Most importantly never make writing to complex for the reader. Keep writing dynamic and direct and be objective in writing. Weave your essay tightly around the theme, every sentence is important, don’t waste words.