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6 Steps to Becoming a Better Essay Writer

Step 1
During the process of essay writing, it is important to write a strong introduction.  This  gives focus to the entire paper.  Your thesis should be included in the introduction. The thesis should be a short, strong statement that is usually placed at the end of the first paragraph of the essay.  It should be a statement that could provoke debate.

Step 2
Read the topic question carefully before beginning your essay writing.  It should be clearly stated in the rubric that your professor has given to you. When starting the research, stick to the topic that has been assigned.  Wandering off the topic will result in a lower grade.

Step 3
Focus your research on the topic question prior to essay writing.  Search out research and resources that support your thesis.  Don’t get distracted by other material, or other ideas, unless they can be used as material to support or challenge your thesis. Look for ideas and information that can build support for your thesis in a logical way.

Step 4
Plan your essay writing before constructing the paper.  This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed as you reach the middle and late stages of the writing process.  Setting up a structure for the essay ahead of time will minimize the stress of writing as you go along.  You will find that good planning will save time and energy as you begin to actually write the essay.

Step 5
Write naturally, but remember that for an academic essay, your writing style should resemble the material found in a textbook.  In other words, avoid using slang, or the words “I” or “we”.  During essay writing, you should not mention yourself at all, unless the professor has asked you to write from a personal point of view. 

Step 6
To write a good conclusion, you should repeat the ideas that you first wrote about in the introduction.  You should also repeat your thesis, and show how you have proven that the thesis is correct.  This is how to write a good essay.  In addition, you should state the reasons why the information and arguments that you have just written in the body of the paper form a good support for your thesis.  Why should your reader agree with you? This is a question you must answer in order to write a good conclusion to your essay.  At this point in the essay, you should have presented a convincing argument; the conclusion is just a closing statement.

When planning how to write an essay, begin with a strong topic.  While your professor may already have assigned a topic, you can earn a better grade by choosing a point of view on your topic which is interesting, timely, or even controversial.  This will provide plenty of good research material, help you in writing the essay, and in the end, usually results writing an essay of higher quality.