Essay Writing: How to Get the Hang of It?

Many students feel a little bit confused when they face the incredible task of essay writing. In fact, essays are very common tools used in different educational levels to evaluate students. Most teachers think that essays improve students’ writing skills; meanwhile others believe that essays are also useful to make students read and investigate more about different topics. In general, there are two ways to start an essay: choosing the topic yourself or receiving it from your teachers. Once this step has been fulfilled, the hard work starts.

It is ideal to have a plan before starting the writing process. Why? With a plan, everything will be easier. Your writing plan must consist of several stages. The first one is always the researching stage. It is essential to search about the topic you must develop in your essay. The Internet will give you many reliable sources to get information. The second stage is to make a sketch. Write sentences or even phrases in order to clearly know what you will include in your academic paper. Then, revise the structure you will use to write your essay. Remember that it is vital to know some details about how to write an essay to do it well.

Do you know that essays involve several paragraphs and they are divided in three main parts? They are introduction, body, and conclusion. You must be organized to write an essay that can be understood by different kinds of audiences. Naturally, there are some topics that can interest certain groups of people but if you write your essay by using a clear structure; it can catch the attention of most people. If you still feel confused, you can read essays written buy other authors. This can give you the opportunity to compare your previous notes and rebuild your essay-writing plan.

You must also consider the presentation of your essay. Remember that presentation is everything in almost all areas of our lives. Therefore, you should edit your essay. Correct your spelling and grammar mistakes.
Moreover, when preparing your notes while trying to figure out how to write an essay, you must also consider the type of essay you must write because there are a collection of essay classifications. For example, we can mention argumentative essays where you should take a position and support it through expert opinions and publications. Then, comparison essays which are written to show similarities and differences between two topics or things. In addition, you can write descriptive essays to explain everything about a topic. Evaluation and narrative essays are very popular too among teachers. The first ones are created to describe things or events and then offer and explanation about its importance and value. The second ones are related to telling stories in a narrative sequence.

There are other type of essays which are used for different purposes but all of them are always essential to make students learn how to think and write. Remember that essay writing can be a powerful tool to defend ideas, so do not waste the opportunity to present yours.