Essential essay tips on how to write an essay

Here are some essential essay tips on how to write an essay. Whether you are writing a comparative essay or a persuasive essay, it will give you a basic outline to follow.

  1. Select a unique and interesting topic if you have a choice to choose your own essay topic.
  2. Start as soon as the essay topic is assigned and budget your time. Starting early will give you ample time for reading, research and write. Starting essay work early will also help you tackle unforeseen troubles and will help you not only to get finish your essay work, but will also help you get more time for ideas to steep into your brain.
  3. Clearly understand the assigned essay topic. Analyze the essay topic clearly and understand the requirements. Underline key words in the topic and think how you want to elaborate on them and cover the entire contents.
  4. Find, arrange and organize all the research materials, including your thoughts. Read the materials thoroughly and clearly organize the information that you are using from other sources as well. Check if enough information to present your essay has been researched. Make notes of all the important points. As you collect the information your thoughts should get clearer. Plan how you would string this information’s together in a cohesive manner. By now you will be ready to put your thoughts into the outline of your essay. This essay outline will help you to write a well organized and cohesive essay later.
  5. If you are not sure about writing essays then look for examples. Read essays similar to your topic to understand how to organize and present the information.
  6. Keep a note of any quotes, references or citations. If you want to use someone else’s words or ideas don’t forget to mention there references.
  7. Write a quick draft, focusing on putting all your ideas and information on paper.
  8. The key to write an essay is clarity of thoughts and effective use of words. Write concisely and clearly, covering each and every point in detail and not missing out any important point.
  9. The format and presentation of your essay also counts. Using a word processor spell check the complete essay. You should ask a friend or fellow student to go through your essay for mistakes.
  10. At the end, check that all your citations are in place and the reference page is written as per the essay reference requirement like MLA or APA.


If you follow these essential essay tips then you will definitely know how to write an essay. This can take away all inhibitions about writing a comparative essay as well. This will help you organize and finish your essay writing project very fast at the most pressing times when many other assignments are overflowing.