Evaluation Essay Topics

An evaluation essay relies heavily on a good evaluation essay topic. Of course, in most situations a professor or teacher will assign the topic, based on what is being studied in class. In a literature class, the evaluation essay might evaluate a poem, novel, or short story. In a history class it might examine a work of historical fact or fiction. Whatever the form, the evaluation essay does exactly what it sounds like: evaluates this certain work. It can be a fun essay to write, because it is an essay that involves thinking and coming up with an original idea. The first thing to do in this essay is to research the topic, because there are often different points of view available. The next step, however, is to form an opinion because that will be the basis for the entire paper. The evaluation essay should make an overall argument, which will be proven through research, personal opinion, and the evaluation of both of those things.

                Of course, if the professor does not assign an evaluation essay topics, but rather asks you to design your own topic based on experience, or a favorite work of literature, then we have some sample evaluation essay topics and ideas that you can use:

Evaluate the role of women in U.S. history.
Evaluate the use of language in Shakespeare's Hamlet
Evaluate the impact of the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade
Evaluate the effectiveness of the literary devices in your favorite novel.
Evaluate the difference between different forms of government and decide which is more effective.

                Hopefully, these evaluation essay topics will spark an interest in you, and you can use one of them to help create your perfect evaluation essay. Of course, should you need a keen eye to edit the essay, or further help in crafting the perfect paper, please do not hesitate to contact one of our talented writers or editors today.