Evaluation Essay

An evaluation essay is perhaps the most common type of essay that a high school or college student will come across. Other than the research paper, the evaluation essay proves to be the best way of evaluating a student's ability to write and think critically. This is the essay that a student can find in any class, because nearly any subject can lend itself to evaluation.

                With this common type of a evaluation essay, it is first important to know exactly what the essay consists of. An evaluation essay evaluates something, which can cover a range of topics. It may evaluate a book, movie, work of art, or historical document. This is why it is an essay that is found in all types of subjects. The most important thing to remember about this essay is that it involves forming an opinion and tying that opinion to facts. It is a marriage of research and argument, which is what can make the evaluation essay so compelling to read.

                A good evaluation essay takes the topic, researches it, and forms a comprehensive opinion. For example, if a student is asked to write a evaluation paper on the novel The Lovely Bones, she/he might argue that imagery is the most effective literary device in the novel. An evaluation essay would use convincing examples from the novel, but may also back up the information with quotes from literary critics who agree.

                The evaluation essay can be a fun essay to write, because it involves making a new argument and finding the evidence to back it up. However, this type of essay needs a lot of details and keen mind, and for that reason it can often be fairly tedious. With a good understanding of what the evaluation essay is, however, one can be better prepared for it when the essay comes up. And, of course, if you require further assistance, our company is always available to help.