Five essay tips that are power packed

Learning how to write an essay, and then getting started with writing impressive essay’s is all about following few a thumb rules. Before moving on to these power packed tips, you must be clear about two things:

  • What is essay writing all about – it is all about understanding a topic, expressing your thoughts systematically, sequencing and structuring the thoughts, filtering what is relevant to the content and then writing the thoughts in simple and interesting language.

  • How to develop writing skills -  practice, prepare yourself mentally, learn how to prepare a proper outline, write assignments and read your work, check for mistakes, find faulty weak points. Rewrite whatever you feel that needs change.

Essential essay writing tips

  1. Prepare plan: organize your essay writing activity.  This is very important for saving time and energy. Sense of timing is very important when you are writing. Prepare an outline; decide what you understand from the topic. Start with the title; work on your thesis statement based on your understanding. Every essay can be divided into three segments: introduction, main body and conclusion. Think how you would structure all the three segments.

  2. There are few things that you must ensure before submitting any essay. Prepare a checklist of what you must ensure while revising and editing. Things like grammatical errors, abbreviations, wrong usage of words, punctuation mistakes, and capitalization mistakes can spoil the essay. Also, since you know yourself better, you are aware of mistakes that you tend to make and ensure that you don’t repeat them.

  3. Use simple and clear language and keep sentences short. Although not always necessary, often one should be brief and to the point. Complex form of punctuation and complex words are not advisable. When a reader comes across complex words he may lose interest, no body would like to read anything that is difficult to understand.

  4. Be original, don’t be afraid of criticism. Essay writing is an art which a person can master only with practice. While writing only focus on what points you want to put across don’t think about how the readers would react. Let your thoughts flow let there be clear and effective communication of thoughts between the objective writer and the subjective reader. Original writing always connects well with the readers, at the same time you must take care of few things like: avoid giving sermons, avoid writing anything that can lead to controversies, do not try to force your personal opinion on the reader and be objective. Essay should be written with the intention of passing information and not personal opinion related to the theme.

Content should be structured in sequence and continuity. Your writing should depict a purpose. If you do not have enough of information related to the theme, no words will be able to compensate for it. Without facts, without relevant essay examples or vital information your essay would fail to leave an impression on the mind of the readers.