Food Essay P1

Could Our Everyday Foods Be Killing Us?

While many of us like to think that we eat healthy, many of us do not look past the advertisement on the front of the product that we are buying.  Very seldom do we as consumers look at the back of the label to see what we are truly eating.  And let’s say we did start looking at the back of our food labels, would we really understand what he huge words meant anyways?  I think the food industry has become very creative in their marketing skills to make us, “the consumers” think that we are eating healthy.  When in fact, it has been found that there are at least three food additives that we consume possibly on a daily basis that could be harmful to our health.  The three examples of these additives that we are going to discuss today are Hydrogenated Oils, Monosodium glutamate, and Sodium Nitrate.

First, let’s start with the Hydrogenated Oils.  Hydrogenated oils are made from a complex process. It is also important to know that when people are referring to Trans-fats, hydrogenated oils are the chemically processed version.  These oils are produced by bubbling natural occurring




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