Give your essay a proper outline

A good essay should always attempt to be noticeable and relevant to content, distinctive in approach, memorable and believable. It should have the ability to stand apart and leave a lasting impression. It should connect to the readers’ expectation from the theme. A good essay should be refreshingly different in structure and form and should provide convincing reason and logic to prove the author’s point of view.

Essay writing requires planning; an outline can simplify the process of writing. It is like a checklist that gives direction as to how one should go about writing an essay. An ideal outline should be sufficient in itself to write the complete essay. It should focus on three stages of essay writing:

  1. Early stage – To develop the outline, start with the title. Theme awareness and familiarity is the most important aspect of essay writing. Decide what you understand from theme, are you familiar with the theme, why do you think your point of view is correct, what approach would you like to follow etc. Note down all the points. From your perspective, write down a thesis statement in not more than one or two sentences. The statement should reflect your understanding, analysis and reasoning.

  2. Theme comprehension and presentation – List down all the evidences, logical reasoning and examples that you would like to provide to prove your point. Compose an introduction, list down important quotes related to the theme. To give a clear understanding of the theme, quotation of a well known authority, opinions of famous people becomes helpful; decide which quote will compliment the contents of your essay.  Decide where your thesis statement will be placed. List down all the important parameters and keyword that identify with the theme. For example, if your theme is “ancient civilization” you would be writing abut heritage, symbol, people, culture etc. These parameters form the backbone of the content structure. Setup your own guidelines.

  3. Mature stage – This is the stage where your focus should be on how to add value to your essay. Being distinctive is a basic requirement to develop an impressive essay. If your essay is not seen as different from the others, how is it going to stand out? Being different is important but in a way that it is relevant to reader’s expectation. Each sentence should be like a hammer stroke on the nail, every letter should be crisp and clear. Compose a conclusion that supports your thesis statement. It should be short, impressive and memorable.

Sketch your thoughts with the help of outline before you start writing. It organizes your work and without an outline essay writing can be very frustrating. Planning is important; it also helps in revising and editing the content. Preparing an outline plays an important role in time management, sense of timing is important. If you have all the necessary points in front of you, writing will not take much of time. Proper outline helps in maintaining overall consistency and well defined structure of essay. Essay writing is an art and outline is a tool that helps in refining the content.