Good Tutors In Colorado

Achievement Tutoring 
9798 Aftonwood Street Littleton, CO 80126-8858 Denver, CO Metro Area   
(303) 471-4365
Tutoring Company

- Basic Math
- Algebra I/II
- Trigonometry
- Calculus
- Chemistry
- Biology
- Physics
- SAT Prep
- ACT Prep
Achievement Tutoring located in Littleton, CO and it is a private company Currently involved with Tutoring. They have approximately 1 to 4 academic staffs.

Bolder Tutor, Boulder Tutor   
1032 E South Boulder Road # 202 Louisville, CO 80027-2529 Boulder-Longmont, CO Metro Area                                                
(303) 772-3561
Michelle Thomas (Owner) Michelle Kapp (Principal)
Tutoring Company

This company helps students with - Bi-Polar, anxiety, and other emotional disorders, learning, or ADD, ADHD, physically disabled, executive dysfunction, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia.
Bolder Tutor situated in Louisville, CO and it is a private company presently involved with Tutoring.         Their estimated academic staffs approximately 1 to 4.

Brain Workout Center               
12041 Tejon Street # 520 Denver, CO  80234-2314 Denver, CO Metro Area                             
(303) 453-0882
Jerry Perron (Owner)
Tutoring Company
They currently offers their supports for - homework, worksheets, reading and math, test scores, mental stamina, self discipline, and cognitive processing.Brain Workout Center situated in Denver, CO and it is a private company presently offers Tutoring. Their Current academic staffs approximately 1 to 4.

Cercone Learning Systems, Cercone Learning Systems Corp
344 S Vaughn Way Aurora, CO   80012-2441 Denver, CO Metro            
(303) 364-4517
Donna Cercone (President)

They offer their supports through - Color, Music, Vocal Pacing and other tools to open the doors to the whole brain and make learning easier.Cercone Learning Systems located in Aurora, CO and it is a private company currently offers Tutoring services. Their Current academic staffs are - approximately 1 to 4.


Children's Literacy Center & Peak, The Children's Literacy Center
2928 Straus Lane # 100 Colorado Springs, CO  80907-8805 Colorado Springs, CO Metro Area     
(719) 471-8672
Gina Solazzi (Executive Director) Michelle Blessing (President)
They currently offer - 
- Designed, implemented, staffed, and operated the largest early childhood education/parent education program in Manhattan.
.- Established the United Nations Child Care Centre - including facility design, policy development, curriculum development, and staffing criteria
.- Offered extensive training/educational sessions to child care providers in numerous rural, suburban, and urban counties

Dyslexia Rx LLC   
6723 S Dexter Street Centennial, CO  80122-2142 Denver, CO Metro Area 
(303) 741-9246
- Tutoring
- Research-Based Best Practices
- They use an Orton-Gillingham based method for teaching reading & spelling.
(Recommended by the International Dyslexia Association)
- Math and Writing instruction are also available.Dyslexia Rx LLC located in Centennial, CO it is a private company currently offers Tutoring services. Their Current academics staffs approximately 1 to 4.

Goals Inc
455 Eppinger Boulevard Thornton, CO  80229-4330 Denver, CO Metro Area 
(720) 977-7796
Debbie Mares (Executive Director)
Tutoring Company High School - students from 5th - 12th grades.English as a Second Language (ESL) - Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Goals Inc located in Thornton, CO and it is a private company currently offers Tutoring services. Their Current estimated academic staffs approximately 20 to 49

Leaps and Bounds Learning       
3669 Roundtree Court Boulder, CO 80304    
(303) 952-9573
JoAnne Trombley (Principal Tutor)

They mainly focused on
Falling behind in school.
Fear about any subject. Diagnosed with ADHD or learning disabilities (e.g. spatial relations, graphomotor dysfunction, organization and time management difficulties, language acquisition problems, and more)

Leaps and Bounds Learning Providing tutoring services for children with learning difficulties in reading, writing, study skills and math. Individualized programs for each child. They specialize in teaching children with learning disabilities or below grade level.