Hillary Clinton Essay P.1

In today’s era of Youtube, the mass media plays an important role in covering facts and features of elections. Right from the campaigning to voting to election of a candidate, all news events are covered by the media. Politics is a tough and rough game and each country needs a democratic nominee who is willing to protect the country from all evils. The recent elections of 2008 were indeed the most historical presidential elections in the history of U.S. Illinois Senator Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United State. During the election, there was this first lady, named Hillary Rodham Clinton, who expressed her interest in the presidential election of 2008. Until then, in the history of presidential election in United State, none of the woman had ever won the major party nomination. Well-educated Hillary Clinton had a good experience of public service and managing the Oval office. She emerged as a dedicated and hard working lady from the American women’s perspective.

The staff members and policy team of the campaign

The initial team of her campaign was supported and run by a group of advisers and political operatives. Mark Penn, Penn, Schoen & Berland were considered as the stategic genius of Clinton’s campaign. The chief operating officer of the campaign was Evelyn S. Lieberman while Howard Wolfson was the spokesperson of the campaign. Many other well-known senior advisers and subject specialist formed the focus group of the campaign. Ann Lewis was campaign’s senior adviser and Cheryl Mills was campaign’s general counselor. Other names that were included directorial list of the campaign were



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