How come I am not good at writing essays?

Some individuals lack the basic writing skills like creativity and organization. Therefore they always encounter a problem that they are not able to present a good essay. An awful essay is a traceable essay in the eyes of the readers. Such essays receive no recognition and appreciation. Hence the awful writers should strive hard to improve their writing skills so that they can make their non-traceable essay into a noticeable one.

The writer’s creative approach towards a topic can make even the boring topic of an essay into an interesting one. However the writers should understand that there is no one- fix way of writing a qualitative essay. Each topic of an essay requires specific approach.

The writers who are not good at writing essays are the one who are not clear about different essay types and essay writing skills. Before writing an essay it is necessary for the writers to explore the topic given. The writers should understand the instructions conveyed through the topic. That is, what type of essay the writers have to present and what content is required for the given topic?

Biggest mistake done by most of the essay writers is that they begin to write as soon as they get the topic. This results in an unorganized essay where the information is cluttered and there are chances that the writers may drift away from the topic. There fore it is important to first brainstorm the ideas about the topic and draft the important points on a rough piece of paper.

Next mistake made by the novice writers is that they do not appropriately paragraph their content. An effective essay is addressed through three basic paragraphs. This includes the introductory paragraph, the body paragraph and the conclusion. The body paragraph can have few sub paragraphs. However, not only paragraphing the content is important but also information that each paragraph should contain is important.

The introduction paragraph of an essay should be catchy and appeal the readers to read the entire essay. It should contain eye-catching phrases and also state brief information about the topic.

The body paragraph should have all the background information about the topic. It should be supported with necessary illustrations. The content presented in this paragraph is very important as it directly describes the given topic. The body content should provide knowledge about the topic to the readers.

Finally the conclusion should give a feeling of closure to the readers. It should be short and the main idea about the topic should be restated and re-emphasized.

Good essay writers would proofread the essay after completing it. This helps the writers to add punctuations and check the sentences structure, if not properly done while writing. Also the novice writers should try to keep their essay as simple as possible and should avoid using big words that are not related to the topic. However, using big words which are appropriate with the content can raise the standard of an essay.

If appalling writers acquire all the above mentioned writing skills, their essay would appear non-traceable and they might never get questioned about their high quality work.