How come students don't like writing essay's

Most subjects at the academic level demands essay writing task. However not everyone can master this task and therefore have to learn how to write an essay. To learn how to write an essay is the most frustrating and annoying task for most students and this is the reason why they don’t like writing essays. This makes essay writing boring and lethargic.

Essay writing requires knowledge about various topics and various essay types. It also demands a lot of creativity and organization of the content. The students who lack this basic essay writing quality encounters many problems while presenting an essay. Inability to tackle effectively with the problem deteriorates the interest level of the student. Therefore most of the students find essay writing task very boring and tedious.

Even though the general structure of each essay is more or less same, each essay topic demands a creative and a unique approach. Such approach not only persuades the teacher but also displays the great writing skill of a student. Addressing the topic through effective paragraphs and presenting an informative and qualitative content is necessary while writing an essay. This can be mastered overnight but can be acquired through practice and experience. However the students with easy go and laid back attitude do not like to practice the essay writing skills and thus do not enjoy writing an essay.

Each academic essay should consist of an eye-catchy introduction, informative and illustrative body and satisfactory conclusion. Such systematic organization of the content catches the attention of the teacher. In order to grab the attention of the teacher, the students should begin the essay with an opening and interesting statement. Each sentence and paragraph in the essay should be properly linked and effectively co-related. The students who do not like the essay writing task find it very difficult to keep intact the focus of their teacher. Such students have to forcefully write the essay due to academic demand.

A forcefully written essay is the one where the ideas and thoughts are vaguely presented, the content is not appropriately paragraphed, and there is no appropriate link between each statement and paragraph. This appears confusing to the teacher and thus results in students scoring less grades.

Many students do not have good control over their speech and language. They make lot of errors in grammar, usage, punctuations and spelling. They may not have developed a good understanding about variety of sentences ranging from simple to compound to complex and may not be able to use big words and appropriate synonyms. Such students tend to present an awful essay which the teachers do not like to read. Such essays receive less scoring and thus decrease the confidence and the interest of the students.

To sum up, less knowledge about how to write an essay, less understanding about grammar and vocabulary, low interest level, inability to persuade the readers, reduce amount of practice, less motivation and confidence are some of the reasons why students do not like writing essays.