How to write a descriptive essay

Writing any essay can be a rewarding experience if the subject is something you are interested in and you take the time to do the project well. However, a descriptive essay can be by far the most fun. Here you will learn writing an essay is easy. A descriptive essay will allow you to take the subject that you know well and help others to become an expert in it. The key is learning how to write a descriptive essay effectively.

As with all project’s you are probably given either a choice from a limited range of subjects or you are asked to write on something specific. Whether this is something that you know nothing about initially, or it is something that you understand very well, you first need to conduct some research. You are going to be the subject expert when you write but do not assume you know the subject well until you have looked at several sources, and the subject from different angles. This will give you new perspective on the subject and allow you to tell your reader things that they may never have considered.

The introduction of the essay presents the topic to the reader. It must be provide accurate information to start the essay so it gives great framework for the essay. In this portion, you inform the audience what the body of the essay is going to tell them.

How to write a descriptive essay is all about making sure that you organize the material in such a way that your audience understands where you are coming from and does not leave any holes for the reader to guess at. The organization should be clear, but it doesn't have to be concise. Sometimes it takes many words to describe something well. Do not worry if the subject seems to be running on longer than you want it to. The editing process is used for paring down a manuscript that has become too rich in description. A great way to accomplish the editing is use some sort of sequential pattern. Most often this is done by using some general sentences and then becoming more specific as you go.

Here is an example:

By the river was an old sawmill. The mill had a large wheel that hung limp and silent above the level of the water. The mill had been used to grind the neighboring farmer's grain in the past, but it now had no purpose other than to dare frightened children to enter its dark depths.

As you can see the first sentence is short and sets the scene. The second sentence gives you a little more detail, and the third starts getting into even more specific aspects of the mill.

Another way to organize this type of essay is to use individual paragraphs to give the reader different aspects of the topic. This would be accomplished as follows if you were describing a bicycle:

  • First paragraph: components
  • Second paragraph: frame types
  • Third paragraph: handle bars and seat posts.
  • Fourth paragraph: tires

In this way you could come at the subject from all angles and make sure that the topic was covered completely.

The conclusion of the essay must, again, restate what you have already said. This means that you need to summarize what was important about the entire article so that the reader knows what to take from it. A well written introduction and conclusion frame the essay so that the audience better understands the subject. Another great idea to use when writing a conclusion is using a tag line for the last sentence of your conclusion. A tag line is similar to your introduction paragraphs first sentence.  Simply write a sentence or two about a joke or use a quote to grabs the readers attention to add some spice at the end of the essay. The tag line must be some how related to your essay. Now you know how to write a descriptive essay.