How to write a evaluation essay

The first question to ask yourself when learning how to write a evaluation essay is, what is an evaluation essay? Whether the evaluation is for a person, place, or thing the answer is the same. You are trying to assess someone else’s work in a critical way. Critical does not mean that your effort is going to be negative, but that you are going to analyze the position as fairly as possible. An evaluation essay requires knowledge of the subject, research, critical thinking, a great writing strategy, and a definitive conclusion. But let us tackle the introduction first.

The introduction is important for several reasons. First it is used to help the reader determine what any essay is about. Therefore, the thesis needs to be well stated. There can be no ambiguity when it comes to what you are attempting to say. The introduction should also give a glimpse of your ability to write about the subject. Thus, you must know what you are talking about.

Any prior subject matter expertise that you possess will be very helpful when constructing the evaluation. This means that you may have been involved in the intricacies of what you are evaluating. Just as an employer needs to have some understanding for the job the employee does, you must understand the subject matter that you are attempting to appraise.

Research can help fill in the bits of knowledge that you lack. When trying to discern how to write a evaluation essay understand that research is the key. As it is a vital component of any essay you are trying to write. Explore the matter thoroughly; it is only possible to judge what is fully understood. Therefore, make sure that you investigate the matter from every possible angle. You may be surprised that you have learned some new facts about the issue that you had not previously considered.

A writing strategy for this type of research paper requires critical thinking. Take a book for example. What did the author say? What did she/he mean to say? What are the underlying themes? When it comes to critically thinking about the matter, do not take the person or thing to be evaluated at face value. Dig into the essence. Try to come away with a good general impression and then determine the success of the matter.

You must also reach a definite conclusion. Learning how to write a evaluation essay means that you take the matter seriously. You want to give the reader a systematic interpretation of whatever the subject matter is. You cannot let some sentimentality guide your decision regarding the evaluation. If the verdict sounds harsh, then at least you completed the due diligence of giving the audience a well reasoned, and honest, opinion.

Readers are not asking for you to be kind. They are asking you to be professional, and have the initiative to say what your research and critical analysis tells you. You are the expert as far as this subject matter is concerned. People are looking to you for guidance. Do not let them down with shoddy, unimaginative work.