How to write a persuasive essay

The first step to writing an essay is knowing what type you are going to write and making sure that you understand how that particular type is written.  Some of the types are similar, but not so much that they should be confusing. The persuasive essay is as easy to discern as the title suggests. The duty of a persuasive essay writer is to decide on the side of an argument that they wish to promote and give the reader every reason to agree with them. In learning how to write a persuasive essay you have to understand the topic, know your audience, and then structure the essay itself in such a way as to make that group amenable to your side.


You must choose a side. If you do not understand what the argument is about and you do not have a set position of your own, it is going to be very difficult to convince someone else that they should agree with the opinion that you are espousing. Therefore, extensive research is important. Even if you have a strong opinion one way or the other, you will want to conduct the research to back up what you are saying. Your essay needs the credibility that a strong research base will give it.

Generally there is an audience involved that has specific opinions about the topic also. Some topics are very hot bed issues and it will be difficult to change an opinion. It is possible to do this though. Research is a great boost. If you have facts and figures that support the side that you have chosen, the audience will read more attentively. The audience may have someone that they particularly look up to also. To have quotes or a lead in by this person is a great way to begin the discussion. Learning how to write a persuasive essay will make you make you much more able to persuade a group as to your side of an issue.  Here is a some tips about creating a great introduction for a persuasive essay

Tips to make your introduction better

1.)Start with an exciting detailed sentence;
2.)Use a quote from a famous person;
3.)Introduce a short and up-to-the-point anecdote;
4.)Use a first statistic or fact for the first sentence;
5.)Use a emphatic rhetorical question for the first sentence

The final step in how to write a persuasive essay is properly structuring the paper itself. The essay has t be formatted in such a way that the audience knows your position from the beginning. Therefore, a clear thesis statement is essential. In the introductory paragraph be very candid about your position and set up the guidelines for the essay. In the body take a step by step approach to build the argument. Deductive reasoning follows this tack.

  • 1.)Make a statement that everyone agrees with.
  • 2.)Follow that up with another statement that will also be agreed with but leads   to your side of the argument.
  • 3.)Continue building your case with statements that lead toward your argument a little more every time.
  • 4.)Finally you reach a point where the audience is agreeing with the position you are taking because you have structured the argument well.

The Conclusion

How to write a conclusion for a persuasive essay?  First, try to mimic the intro layout by going over briefly the topics you just talked about in the body of the essay. This time be a little more in-depth then the intro.  In the last portion of your persuasive essay create a call to action. Call to action is telling the reader or asking the reader to do one 1 of the 4 objectives.

1.) Your personal prediction;
2.) Question the reader so the reader will come up with their own prediction; 3.) Your personal opinion on how to solve the problem;
4.) Simply a quotation

Finally end your conclusion with a ending statement/tag line. This tag line is kind of like the first sentence of your introduction paragraph.

Do not allow your position to be side tracked. Research the topic to such an extent that there is no doubt that you are the expert and command respect. Learning how to write a persuasive essay is easy if you follow these few simple steps.