How to write a research paper

A research paper is different than the other types of essays because it discusses a subject in depth. It also must have sources that can back up the evidence that you present and are credible. This type of paper demands more time of the writer and makes it necessary to use either the library or refereed sources on line that will satisfy the subject matter. Learning how to write a research paper can be an invaluable tool for the person who wants to further their education, or inform their professional colleagues of advances in their discipline. Essay writing is a great skill to have and we will help you enhance that skill.

There are several steps that are imminently necessary before you begin to write. This is the research portion of the paper. If this is done correctly then the paper will be very easy to complete. First choose a subject (if one has not been chosen for you already) that holds some level of interest for you. It is difficult to write an involved paper on a subject that you already dislike. Next choose an aspect of that subject that is broad, but specific enough so that you can cover the topic sufficiently and it also gives you enough room to write.

The next thing to do is to begin conducting the research and organizing it in a way that makes sense to you. This means that you need to gather a few sources and then catalogue them. Some people like to do this all on a computer, some like to use different note cards for every reference, and others like to use a notebook. Whatever method is the most comfortable for you, make sure that you have a listing for every source that you are going to use. This way you have all of the resource information so you can add it to a reference page later on.

After you have gathered a fair amount of sources (usually three or four is enough to start) you can begin writing the paper. There are many different styles that can be used formally, or your teacher may outline a specific way that they want the paper completed. Make sure that you follow the style guide directly. When you write the introduction to your paper, try to use it to grab the readers attention. The introduction should not only inform the reader about the topic but , also, make the reader aware of what is coming next.

The body of the paper gives the context of your research. Consult the style guide to make sure that you are citing sources properly. Next have a conclusion that summarizes the paper and tells the reader what they have just read. Most research papers also have either a reference page or bibliography. These are the same thing and just tell the reader where you got your sources.

The final part of any paper is a well-rounded conclusion. Following is what must be included for any research paper to be considered properly finished.

  • 1).Restate the initial theme. It should not be done with exactly the same wording, but it should include the basics of what the paper regarded.
  • 2).State where a person could go for further reading. This will allow the interested party a more complete look at the subject.
  • 3).Since a research paper cannot fully discuss a subject, discuss what further research could be conducted.
  • 4).Finally, make sure that you look at the paper with a critical eye and discuss the positives and negatives of your research and other research that has been conducted.

The steps listed above do not have to appear in the conclusion in any particular order, but all of these elements need to be there. Now you know how to write a research paper that will blow your professor away.