How To Make A Cover Page In Apa Format

The most common format for university or college essays is the APA format. APA (American Psychological Association) is extremely popular for most type of essays, whether it is history, English, business or technology. The APA title page is one of the simplest title pages of any of the essay formats. The Header should include a shortened version of the Title of the paper. All pages should be consecutively numbers and positioned in the right hand corner.

The Title Page Should have the Running Head positioned directly below the header; flush with the right side with the words “Running Head”, a colon and then the shortened version of the Title that is repeated in the header. (This is now becoming less popular….as to typing in the Running Head: (Shortened Version of Title) on the title page. Ask your instructor which is preferred. Be accurate when making your cover page just like when your doing writing an outline. The cover page is different for each essay format.   The Title should be centered in the middle of the title page… double-space…writer’s name…Name of institution…..Date.


Shortened Title                                                                     1


Running Head: Shortened Title


                                       Author’s Name

                                     Name of Institution



            If your instructor just wants you to keep the shortened title or the running head in the header without spelling out “Running Head: Shortened Title”; that is not unusual, be sure to ask. The rest of the paper should have the “Running Head” or “shortened title” within the header/flush left.

            The headings and subheadings are unique for APA formats only. The following are the levels of headings and subheadings and how they should be typed:

Level 1: The first level of headings should be Boldfaced, Centered with Upper Case/Lower Case Headings

Level 2: The second level of headings should be aligned Left with the Heading Boldfaced and again with Upper Case/Lower Case

Level 3: The third level of headings should be indented (4 – 5 spaces) with Boldfaced, lower case with a period.

Level 4: The fourth level of headings should be indented (4 – 5 spaces) with Boldfaced, lower case heading with a period and also italicized.

Level 5: The fifth level of headings should be indented (4 – 5 spaces) with lower case heading and a period. This heading should also be italicized.