How To Write In Chicago Format New 2011

Your paper should start with a title page. The title page contains the TITLE OF YOUR PAPER (All Caps) about one third from the top of the paper. About three or four lines below the title should be the author’s name (Student ID number, if any, below the name). The author’s name should be shown approximately at the middle of the page. About three quarters down the page, place the name of the course, the name of the instructor, the name of the university or college, and finally the date (all centered).

            The pages should be numbered in the upper right hand corner. There should be no numbers on the title page and the second page should begin with the number “2”. Chicago format can be tricky so when learning how to write an essay it is best to follow these directions. Margins are placed at 1” on all sides. The entire paper should be double spaced, except block quotations; which should be single spaced and indented four spaces.

            All footnotes and endnotes should be single spaced with a space between each entry.

Chicago/Turabian uses two types of citations. The traditional style Chicago/Turabian uses footnotes with a bibliography. The newer style of the Chicago/Turabian uses parenthetical notations with a Works Cited page. You will have to ask your instructor which style that he/she prefers on the paper.


            In order to correctly use footnotes for citations, you must place the consecutive numbers of the citations (starting normally at number “1”), superscripted after the text that you wish to cite. Most modern computers have automated footnotes software. Simply click “Reference” and then click on “Insert”, then “Footnotes”. The computer will apply the superscript number and then will immediately the curser will appear where the footnote should be at the bottom of the paper. Simply fill in the citing information. Here is sample of how to cite a book:

Austen, Jane. The Pride and the Prejudice. Published by Bantam Classics, December 1, 1983, 1745 Broadway, New York, NY, 10010, pp. 244-256.
Last Name, First Name. Name of book. Published by (Name of Publisher) (Date of Publishing), Publisher’s Address, City,  (pages).
If you need to footnote an article from a periodical or electronic source, simply cite in this manner:

Yardley, William. The pride and prejudice of local. The New York Times (July 8, 2010).

            Retrieved from:
Last Name, First Name. Name of article. Origination of the article (date). Retrieved
            From: (URL).

            Chicago/Turabian is not as popular as the Harvard citing, but very similar. There will be some professors who choose to use the Chicago/Turabian and may ask for in text references instead of the footnotes. It would be to the advantage of the student, if he/she will ask his/her instructor which is the preferred use of citations for the essay. Always check with the instructions of the essay assignment for the exact type of use of the format before starting your paper.