How To Write The Best Outline For A Essay

Often an instructor will require the student to create an outline for the essay, before it is written. Whether it is required or not, it is wise to organize your thoughts and ideas before writing an essay and an outline is an excellent tool to use for that purpose. The outline should be the very first thing you write before writing an essay. Why is this? The reason why 90% of great writers write an outline before writing an essay is this will make your essays easier to write. This give you a chance to lay your whole essay out beofre you write it so you know what areas to write about. This will make researching for your essay allot easier as well. Another great reason why this is better then just writing on the fly. One your essay will not repeat it's self to much and will be more organized and flow better. Below is a sample of how an outline should be created:

  1. Introduction
    A.Attention Getter Information on Thesis
    B.Explanation of the Thesis
    C.Thesis Statement
  2. Part I Body
    A.First Thoughts concerning the Thesis Statement
    B.Building ideas for the Thesis Statement
    C.Arguments for the Thesis Statement
  3. Part II Body
    A.Research  Information w/personal thoughts
    B.Secondary Research Information w/personal thoughts
    C.Primary Arguments for Thesis Statement
    D.Primary Arguments against Thesis Statement
  4. Conclusion/ Wrapping it Up/Summary

The outline should break up the ideas for the writing into individual creative “pieces” so that
the writer can organize his/her ideas into an outline form. The outline should be short, with easy steps to follow, so that the essay will flow smoothly through the writing process.

            A well written outline will assure a well written paper. Often the instructor will ask for an outline for that very reason. When constructing your outline be sure to have your sources in line so that the outline will match up to the finished product of the essay.