How to Write a Thesis Statement

Most college students groan when thinking about writing a thesis statement but, all in all, it isn’t anything to worry about.  By following simple guidelines, a person can learn how to write an essay with a good thesis statement.  The definition of a thesis statement is: a statement of the purpose, intent or main idea of the essay.  The reason as to why your essay to contains a thesis statement are: to test your ideas by distilling them into a sentence or two, to better organize and develop your argument and to provide your reader with a “guide” to your argument. 
There are two main formats that thesis statements are usually written, APA format and MLA format .  APA stands for the American Psychological Association and MLA stands for Modern Language Association.  Along with those two abbreviations is CBE, which stands for Council of Biology Editors, which helps people cite their sources.  It is highly recommended that a person knows how to write an essay using both of the previously mentioned formats.

Now, to write a good thesis statement, a person needs to come up with one question.  This question will most likely be something that you, the author, will defend.  It will be based upon an idea that you think is true and, through the thesis statement, you will hopefully be able to convince the reader to side with your evidence.  To prove your thesis statement; you need to state the facts of the case, prove your thesis with arguments and disprove your opponents’ arguments in three consecutive steps. 

The first step should state the facts of the topic or item to the reader.  No personal opinions should be brought up in this section.  It is strictly the factual part of your thesis statement.  The second step should explain why you feel a certain way about the topic.  The way to prove your thesis statement is through arguments.  Last is the third step and this section will be your chance to prove why your point of view is better than the opponent.  This part should be like the grand finale of your thesis statement.

Even though the sections of a thesis statement are easy enough to understand, a person can still make an essay with a weak thesis statement.  Now I’ll explain how to write an essay with a strong thesis statement and be able to spot a weak one.  A strong statement takes some sort of stand.  It will bring forward a specific declaration of some sort that will spark a readers’ interest.  A weak statement will be vague.  Strong thesis statements justify discussions and expresses ones main idea.  The thesis should indicate the point of a discussion as well as stick to the main point at all times.  A weak thesis statement will waver and make observations and the reader will have a hard time determining what the paper is truly about. 

            To know how to write an essay with a strong thesis statement requires good research, a strong mind set on the topic you choose while keeping firm arguments against competitors side.  Becoming accustomed to these tips and tricks could potentially help a person get into the college of their dreams. Some other writing styles to keep in mind are Harvard format and Oxford format, as well as top Chicago format, Vancouver format and Turabian format colleges. Simply choose the highlight style in this article to learn more about them.