How to Write a Comparative Essay for Beginner writers

When it comes to how to write an essay, you will find that there are various types of essay and each of them requires a different approach to reach the desired standard in terms of style, theme and comprehension of ideas. One among various sorts of essay is the comparative essay. If you don’t know how to write a comparative essay as a beginner but want to write it, it is not difficult at all. You just need to have the proper understanding of how to write an essay and what a comparative essay is all about.

Comparative essays are based on the study of the distinguishing features of two things. Before you start writing a comparative essay, it is necessary for you to discuss the pros and cons of the things you are going to write on. The better is your comparison; the better is your essay. So, to put things in close contrast with each other, your study of the case must be based on different events, views, concerned things and people.

Apart from these facts related to how to write a comparative essay, there are certain steps and tips which can really be of great essence to you:


  • You must have the proper analysis of all concerned questions well and truly. For better and thorough understanding of both, the contrasting things must be well researched. An exhaustive research on the subject matter is always helpful when it comes to how to write an essay.

  • The next step in how to write a comparative essay is to jot down a relevant introduction. You should always begin with points referring to similarity between the two things and then go on to the critical analysis of the subject matter. But mind that the concluding part of the introduction must have your own preference quoted with its contextual relevance.

Tips on How to Write a Comparative Essay

  • Never forget to elucidate specifically the things you are comparing and the comparison must be alive and contextual all through the essay.

  • Scrutinize both the objects separately keeping their pros and cons in mind.

  • The title of your essay must be innovative and inviting. Even the sentences must flow and coherency to maintain the interest of readers tills the end of the essay.

  • Avoid repetition and use homely language.

  • While addressing your points, the topic must be your focal point.

  • Your comparison must be balanced on both the issues.

  • You should conclude with some innovative and convincing ideas in addition to a simple summary of your discussed views.

  • Your conclusion must not have any ambiguity.

  • Avoid using "people", "there", "you", "stuff", "things" and the like causing vagueness.


All the same, how to write a comparative essay is as easy as writing a common sort of essay, but proper and balanced comparison is the main thing. While writing a comparative essay, you will find some critical elements which must be taken in an interrogative manner and answered properly and systematically. No doubt questioning and answering to such elements are of essence as far as how to write a comparative essay in an impressive way is concerned. Even if you are simply thinking of how to write an essay, the facts and tips mentioned above can help you out and out.

Thus whether it is how to write a comparative essay or how to write an essay, if you follow those tips, your prose piece with really prove highly engaging to readers.