How to write a comparative essay layout

Basic Overall Layout


Comparative Essay Introduction


The introduction of a comparative essay should be like most essays. The one key thing that is different you must in a comparative essay is you must do an extreme amount of research on your topics before writing this essay. How to write a comparative essay will become much easier after you read this article. The introduction of a comparative essay should have a thesis statement. What I a thesis statement? A thesis statement give the author a chance to explain his or her thought about each of the topics and will show you which topic the author favors the most. We will explain how to write a proper body of a comparative essay, some tips to help you research 2 topics, and how to write your conclusion for a comparative essay.


Comparative Essay Body Format

In a comparative essay you must only talk about the differences of the 2 topics. You should have at least 3 paragraphs total. Depending on your teachers preferences this is the basic layout of the body of a comparative essay. Remember to not talk about 1 topic to much is. You should list the differences of the 2 topics equally. We will be using apples and oranges as our 2 topics.

Paragraph 1 : apple colors / oranges colors
Paragraph 2 : smell of apples/ smell of oranges
Paragraph 3: texture of apples / texture of oranges


Tips on researching

Some great tactics to use when researching topics is to se the Internet. We cant stress this enough the Internet is like a giant free library.  Use Googles search engine more. Googles search engine works way better then Yahoo’s. Why is this? Googles categorizes websites based on fresh new information so you are most likely to find the latest information on your topics using Google. You can use googles search engine to find out how to write a comparative essay as well. bases there search engine on how old a website is. You could use the library but that seems to be the old way to do researching. Another great idea is to use online library like They supply over thousands of books and articles for 20US month. Some reading tips 1 of the most helpful tactics to do when reading is writing down or copy pasting info that you read and saving it for later. Make sure you rewrite it in your own words and bam you have just saved yourself hours. Being organized is very important when researching.

Comparative Essay Conclusion

The conclusion of a comparative essay must go over the similarities of the 2 topics. Yes, you still have to list some differences but only list the important ones. Next, you will give your personal opinion on which topic you prefer and explain why. Then once again go over the briefly what you explained in the body of your essay. Finally leave the reader with some sort of statement to remember your essay by. Your ending statement should be a Joke or something creative. Now you know how to write a comparative essay.