How to write a comparative essay that has great planning involved

Many people think they know how to write a comparative but honestly, they do not. To write a comparative you must make sure you hint these guidelines first. Then once these guidelines are hint then you can elaborate on your topic/ideas for each guideline. First, you must know everything there are about the 2 items you going to compare. Second, you must know how these 2 items are similar and different from each other. Third, you must know some un-biased information about the 2 items. Fourth, add some personal opinions in the end of the comparative essay and ask the reader some questions. This will keep the reader thing through out your entire essay. Fifth step is to keep in mind how to write a basic essay by starting our with an introduction, body, then conclusion. Lets get more in detail how to write a comparative essay with some planning involved. 



Selecting 2 items to compare.

How hard is it to select 2 items to compare? Seems easy huh? Whelp it sure does but now try writing about these 2 subjects for 4-5 pages. Think you can do that? Now you this is why you must pick 2 topics that one you are knowledgeable about and second you are passionate. If you not passionate about your topic, you might run out of writing ideas when you get to the 4-5 pages. Since you an expert at the 2 topics, writing an accurate comparative will be even simpler. It is necessary that you pick 2 topics that you absolutely love!


How to write a comparative essay

First, start out with the introduction and give a quick summary of the 2 topics your going to compare and there differences. Then repeat what areas your going to hint. After this start on the body of your essay. Talk about the differences of these 2 topics in detail and then go into some un-biased facts about the topics. Be very opening minded about the topics in the body of your essay. Now the last is the best when writing a comparative essay. The conclusion should be powerful and give real opinions on how you feel about the topics. Also, ask the reader some questions that are somewhat hard to answer that will keep the reader thinking. Finally, take some similarities about the 2 topics and announce them in this section of the essay. Simply rap up what you talked about in the previous sections of the comparative essay and repeat the topics that you hit. This is how you write a comparative essay.