How to write a comparative essay that has great research in it

Your right to know how to write a comparative essay that sounds like someone did some research in the essay is a powerful skill to have. You must push yourself to the limit to find the most info about your topics. It is crucial that you know a ton of info about your topics your going to compare. If you do not know a lot about your topics, how are you going to describe the similarities and differences for 5-6 pages? When you know how to write a comparative essay you will be very familiar with the topics of a comparative essay. That is you must give both similarities and differences about your 2 topics, question the reader about each topic, and state some of your opinions about the topics. The biggest thing to keep in mind is the more research you do on your topics the better! See how that all comes to play. Lets break down these 3 areas of a comparative essay.


Researching your topics

Yes, this is very important. How are you going to describe for 4-5 pages the similar facts and differences about your topics without knowing a lot of info them? This is the reason why researching your topics is so important. If you do not sound like an expert the reader will be shut off right away. The reader will not give you any credit about the topics your writing about. Therefore, your comparative essay is completely useless.  That is why knowing how to write a comparative essay is extremely important.

Similarities and differences

Yes, yes, yet another great thing about a comparative essay is you get a chance to say some similar facts about the 2 topics your talking about and my favorite are the differences about each topic. It is key you know when to talk about these issues. You must bring up the differences first. A great place to start talking about the differences of the 2 topics you are comparing is in the body of your comparative essay. Then, at the end of your comparative essay called the conclusion bring up some similarities this way your essay can end in a positive note and keep the reader always thinking. Now if you did proper research in your topics coming up with some similarities and differences should be no problem at all.

Question the reader.

Another great way to know how to write a comparative essay is to question the reader at the end of your comparative essay. This means the conclusion part of your essay brings in some of your personal feelings towards the topics so the reader will actually think to himself. If your good essay seems enticing, enough the reader might even save your essay. Now that would be a powerful essay if the reader could relate to your personal questions about the topics wouldn’t? That is what will get you that high grade you have always wanted in your writing class. You must make your essay come alive and be real not like a robot essay that is boring.

Lets wrap up how to write a comparative essay

The conclusion of a comparative essay must be great with action, power, and conclude all the guidelines you wrote about.  Throwing in a personal note in the conclusion is necessary and if you can be funny, doing it that is like icing the cake. Once again, you must go over the similarities in the conclusion of a comparative to make your essay perfect. Now you know how to write a comparative essay lets impress your teacher on the next one!