How to write a comparative essay thats logical

While learning how to write an essay of standard type, or while learning how to write a comparative essay, your teacher always emphasizes on organizing it properly. Why?   


Why is the organization so important when writing an essay? It’s because:

  1. It helps essay writers to avoid confusion and frustration.
  2. It helps essay writers to be more proficient and efficient with their time management.
  3. It makes things simpler in every step of essay writing process.
  4. An organized looking essay will always be better than an unorganized one in every way.
  5. Unorganized essay will be difficult for the reader to go through and understand completely.
  6. When brainstorming for your essay topic it is vital to be organized. Collect all relevant points or ideas and write down all of them on paper.
  7. Whatever research information you have gathered or if you have conducted any interview, so get them organized to make full sense of the and use them efficiently.
  8. All these organized information and points will help you to create an outline to follow.
  9. Now to organize the body of your essay, you should check your topic again and decide which way to organize it, whether it should be chronological or spatial or topical way.
  10. Say for example, in chronological organization the main points of your essay should be written in the order in which they have occurred. This organization method is useful when writing an essay about history or about your personal memories.
  11. Just make sure that the essay organization makes sense to the reader who is reading your essay for the first time.


Many times it gets hard to sit down and decide how to write an essay, but if you are organized it will make everything about essay writing easier for you. Don’t forget that only you can make yourself get organized. The best thing about organizing is that there isn’t just one right or wrong way to do it just, do what suites your writing style the best. Now you know how to write a comparative essay in an organized way. So when you sit down the next time to write an essay you will definitely see an improvement in your skills and it will much be easier for you to finish it fast too!