How to write an amazing comparative essay by Payforessay

Ladies and Gentlemen, lets break this article down into 3 key parts shall we? Today we are going to talk about the body of a comparative essay, how to write the intro of a comparative essay, and our favorite how to write an essay conclusion. So site back grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride.

Intro of comparative essay


When writing a comparative essay first do your research .  We cannot stress this enough. If you know tons about your project or topics you will do amazing. If you don’t, writing a comparative essay is 1 going take you forever 2 your not going have the facts to convince the audience you know what your talking about. Ok ok , lets get back on track. In the introduction you must come up with a great tagline or opener. How do I write a great opener you say? An opener should be:

1) Quote from famous person
2) A funny statement
3) An amazing fact
4) A great question

One of these 4 great tips will help you write a great opener to your comparative essay. How to write an essay that will be as good as payforessays? We don’t think that is possible but you can try. Next in your intro the most remembered part of an college essay most people remember is to write a brief summary about what your going to talk about. Easily done by using 3 topics. Next, write a thesis statement. What is a thesis statement? A thesis statement gives the author an opportunity to stating his personal feelings about the essay in which side he or she chooses. Now that wasn’t so hard was it? Now one little thing just to ice the cake with your introduction is the last sentence should be somewhat leading into the next paragraph. The next paragraph will be your body.

The body of a comparative essay


We are actually getting somewhere aren’t we? Ok the body of a comparative should have some kind of layout like this. First start with 3 paragraphs. Each paragraph should state the difference of the 2 topics. Be carefully now do not give any personal opinions in the body. Save that for the conclusion ok. Now another thing to keep in mind only list differences on your body. Do not list any similarities of the 2 topics. Save that for the conclusion.  Here is a layout example. There are 2 other layout examples but this one is the easiest.

Items being compared: Trees and Flowers

Paragraph 1 talk about : Smell of trees / Smell of flowers
Paragraph 2 talk about : Texture of tress / Texture of flowers
Paragraph 3 talk about : Curb appearance of trees / Curb appearance of flowers

How to write the conclusion of comparative essay

First, go over briefly your body of the essay. Now, you can finally state the similarities of the 2 topics plus you can give your personal feelings about the differences. Make sure you state the most important difference of the 2 topic as well. How to write an essay just became a little easier didn’t it? Just kidding , ok one thing to keep in mind when you write your comparative essay is when you list the similarities you must list how these similarities benefit each other. You also must mention what is so important about the 2 topics being compared as well. Like why would someone ever want to write an essay about the topics. Finally end the conclusion with a tagline. Not just any tagline but a great one. If you really want to blow your audience away use a call to action technique. A call to action is when you ask the audience to do something that is some how related to your essay.