How to write an essay college level

Writing a college level essay is a difficult task and at times can be annoying and complicated. There are normally 1000 words or more and the topic is usually boring. All you need to do is plan properly, do an extensive research and write effectively. This will help you make your essay stand out from the others because of its high quality and rich contents. How to write an essay can be as simple learning1-2-3.

While writing the college level essay, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Choose your topic –If given a chance, choose the topic which is interesting for you and about which you can write in depth.

  • Research your topic – It is the most important step which can reduce the overall effort and may includes all the tools like speaking to the people, asking them questions, going to the library, getting on the internet and looking through magazines and newspapers.

  • Take notes - Try to write your own notes rather than stealing which makes it easier to transfer them into your rough draft. To raise the integrity of what you write, make maximum use of dates, quotes and examples.

  • Organize the notes into one outline - This will filter the information that is superfluous or unnecessary. To club like information in the same paragraph, make use of highlighters.

  • Write your outline - An outline is the frame of the essay without complete sentences and punctuation. This is not to be mistaken with the rough draft. The outline will allow you to put your ideas on paper without stressing on the grammar at this point.

  • Write the rough draft -This step is about making of sentences from your outline with dates, quotes, opening and closing paragraph. Arrange the notes and write the most important paragraph as first paragraph in your rough draft. The opening paragraph gives hazy idea of what the essay is about whereas the closing paragraph should be a summary of the whole essay. Both paragraphs should be around 3-5 sentences long. The primary focus of the rough draft is to give a good idea of what you are writing about.

  • Revise your rough draft – The rough draft should cater to the needs of readers. If you find things that will hurt readers, make the necessary corrections. You should also have your rough draft proofread. This will allow you to spot potential problems that could end up on your final copy. It is usually best that someone else proofread your essay. They should be able make use of spell and grammar check to correct errors.

  • Write final draft- Typed essays are required for colleges. Try to make use of software such as Microsoft word for writing, if available. It catches the grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Essays require being more organized and more efficient. Generally, they undergo more scrutiny than other essays which are written in junior school classes.

Learning how to write a good essay is very important at college level and following the above stated steps is going to make it much easier.