How to write an essay layout?

An essay is a structured and planned collection of ideas and views about any topic. They should always be adequately written and nicely presented to make the desired impact. Whether we are in elementary or middle school, essays are a usual part of our academic life.

Learning how to write an essay can help elementary kids later in their school life also. When you are writing an elementary essay and if given a choice, the first step is to choose a topic. Your essay topic may try to influence the reader by sharing your view of the topic, it may try to explain the reader how to complete a particular task, or it may try to educate the reader on a particular topic.

A good elementary essay to be effective shall essentially include the following:

1. Outline of topic
2. Introduction
3. Thesis
4. Body Paragraphs
5. Conclusion


To create outline, list the topic you have chosen. Under that topic, list three to six main thoughts regarding the topic. Later you will use these outlines to build the main paragraphs of the essay. Your outline may include the idea, facts and the information about topic. Write down all main ideas, list all the secondary ideas and do not repeat the ideas.


Introduction presents the subject you are going to discuss and express your viewpoint on it. It provides a chance to grab the reader’s interest or attention through fascinating information, appealing dialogue or a startling fact and give the reader an idea of the essay's focus.


Thesis is like a preface to the book. It comprises the main idea of your writing depicting therein your opinion on the topic which makes it more specific. The thesis statement tells the reader what the essay will be about. In your thesis, you should state the main ideas about your topic described in your outline.


The body paragraphs are the detailed version of your points you have mentioned till now. It will describe and explain the essay topic in detail. Every idea listed in the outline above will become a paragraph in the essay. Start by writing one of your main thoughts in about three to five sentences. Now, explain your views about this key idea within these sentences, then move to the next main idea, this will form next paragraph, and follow the same steps until each main idea has been turned into a paragraph.



The conclusion brings closure to the reader. Only a few sentences are needed to write a conclusion. You may use your conclusion to sum up or to simply review the main points and to provide a final outlook of your essay.

For learning how to write an essay, write the first draft of your essay, set aside for a couple of days before you start revising it. It will help you evaluate work objectively and see all shortcomings. Editing, rephrasing sentences and reorganizing paragraphs is the final stage of elementary kid essay writing. The essay without fail should end with a list of books and articles used.