How to write an essay about Antecedents of the American Revolutionary War

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To deduce how a conflict originated, at any time post-argument, is a futile undertaking. Reason was not an issue when the rift occurred, but emotion. There has never been, nor will there ever be, a noose that is sufficiently able to corral feelings. Therefore, specific cause is impossible to determine. In the case of the American Revolutionary War, there was much about feeling in the action. The guns did not first sound without just cause. However, that justification was seen as a right by both sides. The British had their imperial imperative, and the colonies had their independent rights. Multiple issues doomed the British Empire of maintaining its hold on the thirteen colonies situated in Southern North America along the Atlantic seaboard.
At first glance, it seems ridiculous that the English ever allowed their richest crown jewel to depart. They were able to gain exceeding wealth form the American colonies because of the rich natural resources. Unfortunately, the colonies began to realize the benefits the English were enjoying. The grumbling started in about 1680, but came to a head in 1765 (Morison, 1923.) The colonies wanted as much self-government as possible, free trade with other principalities besides England, representation in the Parliament, and  free access to the Western lands. Thus, the focus of the revolution was on social, economic, and political disputes.

Social Causes

     The population of the American colonies had been increasing markedly throughout the eighteenth century. By 1750 the population of the future United States had eclipsed a



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