The Great Gatsby

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This story sounds like the ‘same old song’ between man and woman where passion overcomes the senses. It is amazing how many centuries these relationship problems have been around.

       Our tale begins with a young man from the Midwest, Nick, moving to New York, and finding himself embroiled between his cousin’s struggling marriage, a love affair with a woman named Jordan, and the obsession of a successful bootlegger named Gatsby.

           Gatsby and Daisy had been lovers long ago and as it turns out, Gatsby is still in love with her. The problem is that Daisy is  married to Tom, and Tom is cheating with Myrtle.

    Meanwhile, Nick has become involved with Jordan, a beautiful friend of his cousin.

         In a made for TV moment, Nick goes to a party with his cousin’s husband and Myrtle, ‘the other woman’. During the party, Myrtle begins to berate tom and his wife and tom breaks her nose in a rage.

         Sometime later, during one of his weekly, extravagant parties, Gatsby tries to go through Nick and his new lover, Jordan to get to daisy. Nick agrees to set up a meeting at his place. Without telling daisy that Gatsby would be there, the meeting takes place and they rekindle their old flame.


Now, Daisy is with Gatsby. Daisy’s husband is with Myrtle, who is married to George, and sporting a fractured nose, and nick is caught in the middle.

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