Inspiring Innocence Speech

Inspiring Innocence Remembered

She was my best friend.  Three months before coming home, not yet 19 years old, she was taken away suddenly by a wanton act of violence. She was a nameless victim of a shameful villain. War does that.  Indiscriminately, carelessly, brutally stealing the life from the innocent, and she was oh so innocent.

Sweet and kind, always happy, positive and smiling, she could not be diminished.  This world could not discourage her.  She had a gift that she shared with all who met her.  She could take your mind off the many trials you shared together.  Her cheerful demeanor inspired hope in all who met her. She was the kind of person who would light up a room when she walked in.  No one could resist her smile.  It was infectious.  You never saw her without it.

Her positive nature lifted everyone.  It was hard to be negative or feel sorry for yourself around her.  She could take your cares away just talking to you. She was witty and bright. She always put a positive spin on life. Her pretty smile softened your heart. She could talk with you and help you see the way, offer solutions and help them happen.

She looked forward marrying and having a family. I was to be her maid of honor and I looked forward to getting home for her wedding. I can imagine her preparations, her hope and dreams, her joy.

What a contrast!  Innocence, beauty, kindness and hope dashed by a random act of violence from an inhuman, insensitive, treacherous foe.
What a tragedy! She gave so much to the world. She was so young, taken from us long before her prime. Imagine the good she would have done.  It cannot be known. But those who knew her, those who felt her sweet, sweet spirit know she would have filled the lives of her family with so much love.  I can see her children spreading this same caring and hope, smiling children full of the love of their mother, bringing brightness into the lives of all they met.

If she were with us, sharing our pain today, she would be crying with us, but somehow she would see the positive signs in all the tragedy. She would raise our spirits and help us move on. Indeed her memory does that.  I cannot remember her without smiling. I cannot remember her without thinking that perhaps, even in her absence, she continues to inspire hope.  That is who she was.

She was all we all should be. She was the difference between hope and despair, She was the nudge we need to keep going no matter how difficult the way.  She was nothing short of inspirational.

I will never forget her. I will always see her walking and taking and smiling and caring.  This is how I always saw her.  I can remember her no other way.  I will miss her. She was my best friend. And she will always be my best friend.