Intracultural Communication Essay Example P.1

The term culture in today’s day and age should bring one to arise to the thought of habits, beliefs, ethics and rituals. As simple as defining the word culture may seem, the complexity and depth of this topic has alone created a dilemma, when it comes to communication between various relationship types. The two main types of communication patterns that exist in the 21st century which we all undermine during our daily lives; they are Intercultural and Intracultural communication.

Many get confused between the two terms of Intercultural communication and Intracultural communication. Where both are very similar, they are also quite different. Intercultural communication takes place amongst two or more individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Where an Intracultural communication takes places between those individuals with a more dominant culture with slightly different values. During the use of Intracultural, communication usually tends to share the same ground rules of interaction and communication.

With the persuasive influence of culture on nearly all aspects of communication processes, it is still wise to keep in mind that occasional conflicts can occur upon the understanding of a similar culture can vary similar to that of different cultures. As mentioned earlier the diversity of even similar cultures nowadays is such an in depth topic that one can expect to have various “mini” culture backgrounds adopting in more major culture backgrounds all based on the society or cast they live in. This still leads to a small but important uncertainty in both the verbal and non-verbal behaviours that occur.

Intracultural communication usually involves individuals communicating with a verbal language that is usually the native language for both. This in contrast creates intrinsic certainty in the meaning of the words. Similar cultures, when it comes to the


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