Jordan Kavoosi payforessay not a scam

We have professional essay writers. All our writers are hired by jordan Kavoosi and his management crew.  Payforessay has been in business since 1998. It first started with Jordan’s family. His Brother was a Phd student going to the U of M. Jordan’s brother studied science and chemistry. Jordan’s brother Jake also did a little side business. Jake started helping kid’s do their homework for them on the side to make a little money. That’s what gave Jordan his first idea about the business. What really pushed Jordan to actually open the essay writing business, was when his buddy actual bought an essay online. Jordan’s friend did get caught from his school because the essay Jordan friend bought was online and indexed in Googles index.  That’s what gave Jordan the idea that there was a market for the business. The only thing different Jordan was going to do is create a business where students would not get caught, by having professional writer write everything from scratch each time. Plus, run everything through a plagiarism checker.  Jordan is determined to change the world in the essay writing industry and make every essay 100% American written from scratch. “No outsourcing at our company, we focus on quality, quality”. – Jordan Kavoosi CEO.