Know how to write an essay in your favor

Essays need good writing and analytical skills. They should have the power to impress people and should make an impact on the audience.

Do you wonder how to write an essay in your favor? How that colleague of yours is always able to make almost everybody agree to whatever he suggests through his essays. There is no rocket science for how to write an essay in your favor. There are some very general points that you need to take care of. Read on to learn how to write an effective essay this will go in your favor.

  1. Always try to embark on an essay in a positive frame of mind. As we say "A good beginning is half the battle won."
  2. The language used in the essay must be easy; sentences you formulate should be short and straight to the point.
  3. To be good an essay needs to be focused and should be written in a lucid manner.
  4. The ideas presented in the essay must be crisp, straightforward and consistent.
  5. In order to write an effective persuasive essay, you must anticipate and overcome objections that your audience might raise. But don't try to look good by mentioning only weaker opposition arguments; prove your positive points.
  6. Sweet or flowery language and strong vocabulary will not impress the reader but good informative and logical contents will get people’s attention and will go in your favor.
  7. Generally the essay must have an introduction, a three point paragraph and a conclusion. An essay divided into proper sections appeals to the eyes and the reader feels it simple to comprehend.
  8. Your essay should not be dull and inappropriate. It should be able to retain the reader’s attention till the end.
  9. You need to build up your opinion right from the start, either to favor the topic or oppose it. Your aim should be to convince the readers to believe in your views.
  10. Try to defend your view-point in a convincing manner and write an impressive essay that forces the reader to think in your favor.
  11. Remember, you yourself have to be convinced on that topic to get others convinced with your thinking. Its simple, you need to convince your reader and to do so is much easier if you are convinced yourself. So always believe in what you are suggesting to your audience.
  12. Your essay should reflect your faith and thinking about that topic.
  13. You should aim to influence your reader in your favor with evidence and argument, not with a lecture.


Finally, you should always remember that all these rules and pieces of advice are not supreme. Nonetheless, these guidelines for how to write an essay will be of great help if implemented logically and properly.

Everybody loves it when they can argue and put their point forward to somebody and make them agree to their way of thinking. That's what an impressive and persuasive essay is all about!