Learn how to write an essay now

How to write an essay just became easier. Simply follow these simple steps and you will create the ultimate essay! First, you must think of a great topic to write about. You must spend some time to research a great topic because you are going to be writing about this topic for 4-5 pages. In order to make your essay seem exciting to the reader you the writer must be passionate or know a lot about your given topics. Now lets talk about the outline of the essay. Well break it down into 3 parts the introduction, body, and conclusion.


How to write an essay with a perfect introduction

The introduction is key to starting your essay with a bang. Think of a good way to grab your reader’s attention. “AKA”, maybe a joke, or a very interesting fact. Then introduce your topic your going to be talking about and all the areas you want to hit about this topic. A great introduction has a great thesis statement. What is a thesis statement?  A thesis statement is a personal opinion form the writer. This opinion will indicate how the writer feels about the topic. The writer will give some incite on the topic and try to get the reader to think. The writer might even as the reader a question. 


Body of an essay

How to write the body of an essay? Lets go over some objectives that need to be hit. The body of an essay usually has 3 points or paragraphs. In these 3 paragraphs, the writer will go into detail about each point relating to his topic. Each of these 3 paragraphs should have a topic sentence that will be explained in detail in each paragraph. Now depending on the format your teacher requires you may have to input resources in MLA or APA format below each of the paragraphs. Then at the end, the body simply states a question or personal opinion once again to keep the reader thinking.

The dreadful conclusion

The conclusion should repeat the 3 paragraphs in a short manner. Once again, ask the reader to do something with his newly achieved knowledge from reading your essay. Simply give some more personal opinions on the topic. At the very end try to rap up the conclusion with a similar statement like you had in the introduction. Something catchy or funny that will make your essay end with class. Now you know how to write an essay with a fabulous conclusion.

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