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Mylène Curtis & Fleet Tutoring
251/253 Chiswick High Rd.
London, W4 4PU United Kingdom

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Fleet Tutors is a tutoring service provider registered with the CRB. It has helped students achieve their potential for more than three decades now. This tutorial organization is considered a leading tutorial provider in Britain and is notable for implementing its personal touch in matching more than 67,000 clients with around 20,000 tutors all over the United Kingdom. Fleet Tutors believe that helping it is its mission, regardless of their age, ability or background. It is ready to provide qualified tutors on private tuition, one-to-one, in your school or office, or the comfort of your home.

Fleet Tutoring Services :
Tutoring for :
-Online Tuition
-Catching up

Hours Of Operation:
Monday Through Friday 9:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm
Sunday Closed

For enquires And appointments please call
(020) 8580 3911


Greater London Tutors
35 Baseline Studios, Whitchurch Road
London, W11 4AT United Kingdom

Great london tutors

London families have been the recipient of the high-quality private tutors provided to them by the Greater London Tutors since 1973. Based on their intelligence and their amiability, we train our tutors so they will be capable of helping children of all ages, beginning from those in the primary levels through 11+, GSCE and A-levels. We even have tutors who are able to provide tutoring services to students completing their postgraduate courses at the university. By allowing them to discover the satisfaction and rewards of education, we help improve the children’s self-confidence and help them reach their full potential.

Greater London Tutors Services:
Tutorials for
-Business(Management, Studies)
-Essay Writing
-Film Studies

To make an appointment call :
(020) 7727 5599

Fax: 020 7117 3772


Math-Whizz Education
Macmillan House, Paddington Station
London, W2 1FT United Kingdom

math wizz

A board of directors composed of the corporation’s founding members and industry experts is at the helm of Math-Whizz Education, Inc. after its incorporation in 2004 as a privately funded and Limited Liability Company located in the United Kingdom. Two years after, it was incorporated in the United States and is now in the process of being formed in FZ. If you have children 5 to 13 years old then the best way to encourage them to learn Math through the unique tutoring methodology of Whizz Education that is known to deliver proven measurable results. We build the confidence of the students through our award-winning services, and then encourage them to make the Home-to-School Connection. Math-Whizz aim to make learning fun not only for the students but also for teachers and parents.

Math-Whiz Education Specializes In The Following:

-Building Confidence of the students
-Determination of Math Age
-Increase in the standard of numeracy for children

Office Hours
Monday through Friday 9am to 10 pm

Would you like to set up an appointment ? If so, please call:
+44 (0)203 3286 564


Kumon Educational UK Co
11 Raven Wharf, Lafone Street
London, SE1 2LR United Kingdom


Kumon was born in Japan in 1954 after founder Toru Kumon discovered that his son’s Math test had poor results. Toru, who was a high school Math teacher for 20 years, started compiling worksheets to help his son Takeshi from the easiest arithmetic to the more complex subjects in Math. Thus was born the Kumon Method. As Takeshi made progress in only one year of tutorials using Toru Kumon’s method, he was encouraged by his wife to make the worksheets available to other children in the neighbourhood. In only one year after the Kumon Institute of Education was established in Osaka, it already attracted 300 students. Through word of mouth, the effectiveness of the Kumon Method became known all over the city and internationally.

Kumon Specializes In The Following Services:

-Math program
-Confidence Building
-Speed and accuracy leading to mastery

To schedule your next visit please call:
0800 854 714


One To One English
56, Long Acre
London, WC2E 9JL
United Kingdom

One to One English

One to One English, which is located in London’s Covent Garden, is an English School that specialize3s in small groups of students and in offering 1-1 English courses. By studying at our school, you are guaranteed of a small group with only just six students, maximizing your learning. Students do not only study in small groups, but they also given clear study targets, exclusive course materials, and personal counselling. The close support of One to One English’s team of tutors is credited for the success of our English course programmes. Students are given enough time to practice communication skills to include listening, speaking, vocabulary and grammar.

One to One English School Specializes Iin:

-English tutoring usually in small groups
-Small groups
-Personal attention to maximize learning
-Ideal location
-Courses in CPE, FCE and CAE
-English in general/for professionals
-Individual and/or one on one sessions

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Saturday 9am-5pm

For more information about our services and to schedule a appointment please call:
44 (0) 20 7379 1777