Movies and Today's Society Essay P.1

Movies are the source of inspiration and try to convey some message for the general audience or the specific viewers. Many movies are directed in such a way that it leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Bob Roberts was one such movie that has a lot of fictitious characters and a lot of stories but the angle adopted by the director gave the movie a lot of honesty and made the people think on the grounds of reality.

The movie sets a learning experience for all the masses of United Statess. After watching the movie one can connect the central character of the movie to various political statures who win the race with their rebellious ideas. The true fact of the political world and the overall scenario of the political system are described in a subtle way by the movie. Every time the common man votes listening to the promises made to him but the movie brings out what the politicians usually mean by those promises.

The declaration of independence in United States adopted the truth that the government should adopt the policies and principles those are for the safety and happiness of the people of United States. It stressed the idea of individual rights and rights of revolution. It clearly stated that the political figure should not try to violate the rights of the people or else that figure is unfit to rule the state. In such case the people have complete right to change or eliminate the political statures and the government as a whole.

One can be visualized from the movie that even after the declaration of the independence the government system is still corrupted. Though the state is democratic the common


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