Narrative essay example P1

"The world was shocked. I was shattered: My 9/11 story"

My office is located close to the famous World Trade Center. It was 8.30 pm in my watch when i reached my office and began to work. When I was busy working on my personal computer, suddenly a friend of mine came running towards me. When I asked him, he replied “a jet has just dashed the World Trade Center”. I was shocked for a while as such incidence does not occur accidently. I was anxious to know the whole story so along with few of my office colleagues I went outside to have a closer look.

When we arrived at Wall Street we were able to see a closer picture of the whole scene. I saw that some important papers and reports were all scattered over the street. We went closer to the trade center and we were annoyed to see smoke which imminent from the top of the tower. The World trade center had two towers and the fumes were erupting from the North tower. It was really an outrageous picture for hundreds of people standing near the trade center. All the people were wondering and gazing the tower in surprise.

I, along with my colleagues, was standing for a few seconds and were speculating the whole story when a jet plane tarred the cloud and smashed the second tower, which was the south tower of the trade center. The tower was hit hard by the jet plane thus shattering the whole building. When the plane had gone across the tower, billions of metal pieces had showered on the street. We were all terrified to see the heartbreaking scene. We were able to see huge fumes coming from the tower leaving black mark behind. The jet had not only blown the tower but had also blown our mind and we were all in puzzled as what to do next.

When the jet had gone through the tower, its loud noise and dreadful attack had spread complete silence for few seconds. One of my colleagues was still in a mystery. The building was heating with fire and we were able to feel the heat on our faces. The pile construction of the building was shattering


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