Natural Resource Essay P.1

             I - Introduction
            Within this essay, I will be providing information in which will enlighten readers of all points of views and any actions in which both parties are proposing to take.  I will also be providing valuable information in regards to each parties views.  The information in which is being presented within this essay provides substantial reasoning for actions in which need to be taken to ensure the survival of this great striving nation.  Several points will be made for each party.  In each argument, the vital pros and cons will be listed and explained in detail for further and better understanding.

            A Point I
The views of the refutations side is very interesting.  The claim that overpopulation on earth will have devastating consequences.  They claim that overpopulation will slowly and surely mean the complete inhalation of civilization, as we know it.  They also claim that overpopulation will affect earths atmospheric condition for the worst.  The refutation party also claims that the food consumption of man will surely deplete all supply of nourishment in which man vitally needs in order to survive.  Another subject in which they bring up in there article is how mans obsession for breeding can dramatically affect the economical and environmental views of our planet.

            B Point II
The views of the opposition are completely opposite from the refutations views on this very touchy subject.  The claim that overpopulation does not threaten the environment or humanity is not possible.  They also say that governments should not promote population control.  In other words the opposing party suggests that the more inhabitants the better. They say that the economy will be able to produce more substantial amounts of resources for our great civilization.  They mention the rate in which our technological advancements have been made and how the latest technology could and would help our planet.  Not only in an economical sense but also in an environmental sense as well.  Further more, the more advanced our technology becomes the more beneficial it will be for our political stance because it will provide proof of advancement and improvement within our nation.

            C Thesis Statement
Within this essay, I will be explaining several different points of view about the natural resources of our great nation and how it affects our civilization around the world.  I will also be explaining how the oppositions view’s and the refutations view’s of the “Natural Resources and overpopulation Issue”.

II - Point I Opposition

            Overpopulation does not threaten the environment or humanity.


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