Not all students know how to write an essay

Though we often keep saying and reading that essay writing is like any other writing form and can be easily mastered with practice. However the fact is that it does not come that easily to all students. There are several students who never understand how to write an essay and what to do with the list of rules that form the basis of effective essay writing.

Some common problems include lack of understanding, issues with thought process, inability to understand the subject, problems with understanding the rules of writing an essay and so on. Whatever may be the issue, if students are not guided on overcoming their shortcomings; the inability to write effective essays gets room and stays forever. There are several well-established adults that still cannot write effective essays and simply cannot understand what is missing from their essays. So, it is essential that students are monitored and guided properly from the very beginning on any issues that they are facing.

To put simple, not all students are alike. So a few will learn the essay writing rules pretty quickly while others may take some time. However, one should remain patient and keep practicing. For those who are facing issues while writing essays, try to put things very simple. First, ensure that such students can frame proper sentences i.e without grammar or technical mistakes. Once this is achieved, try to help such students correctly interpret the subject/question on which an essay needs to be framed. This comes with proper analysis. Work on a number of examples in this regard and help the student see what s/he is missing. Once the interpretation of the essay title is done properly, it is time to work on the thought process. Students should be encouraged to jot down anything and everything that comes to their mind related to the given topic. Then, review the points for redundancy and significance to the topic. After filtering, help students sequence the points so that they can make sense if read in that sequence. Finally, guide students on how to form paragraphs on the given points and frame correct sentences. Focus on one sentence at a time and move forward only when the student is pleased with what s/he has written. One of the best practices that you can share with such students is to ask them to form sentences in the Active voice.

Once the main body of the essay is ready, help students in extracting key points from the body and aware them on how to frame Introduction and Summary out of those points and relevance of these sections in an essay.

With the given guidelines in consideration and continuous practice, every student can use a essay writing specialists and become comfortable in this over time. So such students should not lose heart or should not have this mind block that they can never learn how to write an essay, as it is said nothing is impossible in this world. So all the best and keep going.